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    I’m quite liking these new false eyelashes I got from Primark, of all places.
    I love lashes to appear lived in, I can’t stand them fresh of the packet.
    So, I soak them in hot water with Johnson’s baby shampoo when I first get them.
    This just softens the lash hairs & takes away the rigidness.

    You’re probably thinking that this process would ruin the lashes, but I’ve always found they stay intact with no issues - both synthetic and real hair.

    I usually wear my lashes for about a year or so - yes that’s correct… Over a years use out of them.
    I look after them by soaking off the glue (in the same way - hot water & baby shampoo), cleaning them, and reshaping the lashes while they dry.

    I always get asked if my lashes are my own, and this is because they look soft and fluffy - lived in.
    Everyone has their own preference when it comes to falsies; some people love the crisp look of a new set. Whereas other people, like myself, prefer the softer appearance.

    If the lashes I’ve purchased are on a thick band and are doubled-up then I don’t soak them, I leave them as they come.
    I only do this with lashes that are on a fine band.
    Usually eyelashes made from real hair turn out much nicer than the pair I’m sporting in this image, but these are a cheap pair so they are little more wispy looking that I usually like.
    All things considered - I’m pretty impressed with the result.




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